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Is your child happy in school? You have a choice in you child's education
K12‘s online private schools make it possible to become happier and more confident.
The traditional high school experience works for many kids, but it restricts many others — millions in fact — and for many reasons. K¹² creates a classroom of one: a highly effective education that is individualized to meet each teen's unique needs. divider K¹² online private school options include:
  • K12 International Academy – Grades K-12 – An exceptional, individualized program for students around the world that offers an award-winning curriculum, an amazing support team, and an energetic school community.
  • The Keystone School – Grades 6-12 – A highly flexible program for independent learners that offers multiple course levels and formats, along with year-round full-time and individual course enrollment opportunities.
  • The George Washington University Online High School – Grades 6-12 – A premier college preparatory middle and high school for motivated students that offers small class sizes and personalized, intensive college advising.